The Problem With Searching For ‘Factory Flooring’?

You would be mistaken to think that your options for factory flooring simply meant choosing between wooden or vinyl flooring solutions, as these are the results you would get when searching ‘factory flooring’ on Google. However, this is probably not what you’re after and you probably have to re-search with more specific terms.

Factory flooring takes in such a broad range of categories, industries and product usage that it can quite hard sometimes to do proper research on the best flooring solutions for your factory.

Additionally, you might already have epoxy or resin floors in your factory or just already know that this is an option. However, many people don’t know that there are other options that perform better than epoxy, we’ll make your Google search easier and highlight how –


Installation time and process can be vital to a business that may require as little down time as possible so production and revenue are not affected.

Epoxy can be a viable option as little subfloor preparation is required meaning less hassle to you. However, it can take a long time to cure, sometimes up to 6 weeks, meaning cracks or imperfections can appear if not cared for in the initial curing stage. Epoxy floors also can’t be installed in cold temperatures, expensive heating systems would be required to heat the room and the floor to room temperature level. Experience is needed when installing epoxy flooring solutions, as time mixing and pouring the solution is essential, sometimes it’s better to seek the help of a professional especially if as mistakes are made these aren’t easily rectified.

There is a better option if efficient installation is important to you, it is interlocking floor tiles. R-Tile interlocking floor tiles are quickly and easily installed and require minimal subfloor preparation and can even be installed over damp and uneven subfloors. The tiles don’t require any time to settle which means work can movement of pallets trucks etc. can resume as soon as installation is finished. The interlocking floor tiles can be installed at any temperature. It is recommended to allow the tiles to acclimate to the specific room temperature for 24 hours but this is not dependant on an exact temperature. No experience is needed to install R-Tile interlocking floor tiles, it’s a very simple process if you have the right tools and common sense!


Durability of your factory flooring is vital, you want a flooring solution that stands the test of time and doesn’t result in more cost a couple of years down the line to repair or even get a whole new floor.

Moisture levels can affect the durability of epoxy floors because it doesn’t breathe once it is cured so any moisture trapped underneath can be a problem when it evaporates which can lead to bubbling or cracking resulting in the eventual need of repairing. Epoxy floors also have to be repainted after a couple of years, one customer of ours British Energy reported that this caused them so many logistical problems every time they had to repaint their epoxy floor.

The R-Tile interlocking floor tiles are extremely durable and hardwearing and come with a 25-year wear guarantee. Over time if any serious damage occurs on the tiles, they can be easily replaced as they are loose lay and don’t have any adhesives so it is very easy to lift the damaged tiles and replace with new ones.