Top 5 Benefits of Interlocking Floor Tiles

Interlocking floor tiles are best known for being a sustainable and durable flooring solution, making them a popular choice within commercial, factory, warehouse and industrial working environments. At R-Tek, we offer an interlocking floor tile range that comes in a variety of colours, thicknesses and textures making it a suitable flooring solution for any customer. 

Our development team are continuously looking at ways to improve our interlocking flooring system to adapt to the changing needs of different industries. We have worked with companies across the world and are fast spreading the word of our revolutionary interlocking flooring system. In this article, we will highlight the top 5 benefits of an interlocking flooring solution, as well as highlighting its adaptability as it can be installed in almost every industry.  

Where can interlocking floor tiles be used? 

As we mentioned, interlocking floor tiles are extremely adaptable and there are no limits for their use. Before we get into the benefits, we have listed a few examples below of the sectors we have installed the R-tile in: 

What are the benefits of interlocking floor tiles?

Quick & Easy Installation

One of the main benefits of interlocking floor tiles is ultimately down to the quick and easy nature of installing this product. Interlocking floor tiles are extremely user-friendly and generally require no adhesive. The installation process is simple and involves clicking together each tile, meaning customers can carry out the work themselves if it’s a relatively small area or they can avail of our services.

Another benefit is that they can be installed over existing and damaged sub-flooring, meaning there is no need to carry out any extensive repairs beforehand. If you’re a commercial business that wants quick installation, interlocking floor tiles are perfect as they require no close of business to do so. 


The high-quality design of interlocking floor times makes it a durable flooring solution that has proven to be successful in factories and warehouses operating with heavy-weights, high footfall and vibrations. R-Tek’s interlocking floor tiles have been designed to protect the sub-flooring underneath as they reduce shock and noise, meaning they are capable of combating high amounts of pressure and machinery. If you want to preserve your current floors for longer, the durability and ability to protect sub-floor is an extremely attractive feature.

Easy to Maintain

Built to withstand the largest amounts of pressure and vibrations, interlocking floor tiles are easy to maintain as they can be brushed, vacuumed or damply moped like any other flooring. The effortless nature of installing interlocking floor tiles erases any hassle when it comes to damaged or worn out tiles, as they can be easily replaced – even if it’s only one tile that has been affected! 

Heat Insulation & Chemical Resistance 

Alongside proving noise insulation, interlocking tiles also provide heat insulation making them a desirable choice for use in warehouses and factories. The design of the tiles incorporates tight interlocking features that prevent heat from escaping, as well as preventing cold and dampness from the subfloor coming through. 

In workplaces like open warehouses, the climate can become extremely cold making working conditions difficult for employees and using interlocking tiles are the perfect solution to ensure all heat is trapped above ground. These features also lend themselves to ensure resistance against corroding agents and chemicals, providing customers with the reassurance that the floor is protected and long-lasting. 

Modern & Appealing 

At R-Tek, we offer a wide range of interlocking floor tiles that are durable, but also visually appealing. Interlocking tiles are suitable for all environments from industrial warehouses to gym floorings and we needed to develop a wide variety of choices for our customers. The tight interlocking feature allows for a smooth finish, alongside strong paint durability meaning the long-lasting floor will be protected from wear and tear. The R-Tile interlocking flooring system can even be branded with logos for commercial and retail customers. 

Why use interlocking floor tiles in a warehouse setting?

Our research and development team have advanced our products with features such as non-slip and chemical resistance, which are vital flooring qualities for warehouse environments where there are high levels of footfall and machinery being used. Providing a safe flooring solution that is resistant to impact, abrasion and chemical spillage will ensure the safety of both the warehouse and employees. 

Why use interlocking floor tiles in a factory setting? 

Epoxy resin is a common flooring solution being used in factories, and while it has many benefits, epoxy can take up to six weeks to cure which will ultimately affect business operations. At R-Tek, we understand six weeks out of the factory can be damaging for some businesses and this is why we designed our interlocking floor tiles that don’t require any time to settle, allowing work to resume when the installation process is finished. As well as that, the floor tiles can be installed at any temperature, meaning there is no disruption to a busy factory and requires little effort. 

R-Tek’s interlocking floor tiles are engineered to the highest standard, covering flooring specifications and anti-slip ratings. We can offer our factory customers peace of mind knowing that we have left no stone unturned when it comes to safety. 

Why use interlocking floor tiles in an industrial setting? 

The R-Tek interlocking floor tiles have been designed with a unique dovetail join, making them a quick and easy flooring solution to install in a factory setting. They can also be installed over uneven, damp and dusty subfloors, and requires little or no subfloor preparation. The robust and hard-wearing design of the tiles provides a safe and durable flooring solution that is highly cost-effective. With minimal upkeep, these tiles are an excellent choice for industrial flooring as they offer anti-slip, anti-fatigue and impact resistant qualities. 

Why use interlocking floor tiles in a commercial setting?

In commercial settings, deciding to reinstall a new floor can be a costly affair especially if the business is required to close for fitting. At R-Tek, we are proud to offer no downtime for businesses when installing interlocking floor tiles to ensure production and revenue are not impacted. We understand that colour and design are key when choosing a floor for commercial use, which is why we offer a wide variety of colours, branded flooring options and a flooring solution that combines the benefits of popular commercial flooring solutions, carpet, vinyl and wood. 

An Economical Flooring option 

The R-tile is manufactured from 100% recycled materials and offers our customers an eco tile that helps save the environment. The process is explained in detail on our sustainable product page.  Please call now for a quote on our interlocking flooring tiles.