Gym Flooring

R-Tek creates strong and reliable gym flooring for any active space. Our heavy-duty flooring options are made to last and work in all gyms and exercise spaces.

R-Tile Gym Flooring

The R-Tile range of gym flooring tiles is the perfect solution for any commercial gym, fitness centre or home gym. Combining a professional finish in 10 bright and vibrant colours with an anti-slip surface that is warm and soft to walk on, we have three distinct gym tile flooring options.


The R-Tile gym floor solution is quick and easy to install and can be utilised to cover uneven, damp, and dusty subfloors with little or no subfloor preparation. Customers can install quickly with minimal disruption in the gym.


The R-Tile 7mm floor gym tile has been designed to cope with the pressures of heavy gym equipment. It is impact resistant to cope with barbell, dumbbell and equipment drops.


The product is suitable for both home and commercial gyms.

Gym flooring Selection & Reputation

Our interlocking gym floor tiles offer quick and easy installation and a durable flooring option that is used by top gym brands worldwide, such as David Lloyd.

R-Tek also strives to provide gym flooring options that reflect your aesthetic and are ideally set for changes in space (e.g., from reception to studio to free weight areas).

As well as offering various colours, we also provide several finishes, including chequered and hidden join tiles. Whether it is marking out specific areas or the need to highlight safety features, the R-Tile has what you need.

And that’s not forgetting how easy it is to clean and maintain our flooring products.

Easy to install

Lower life cycle cost

Reduces dust and noise

Easy to clean and maintain

Save Time

CE accredited

No damp proof membrane, screed or adhesives required

Environmentally sustainable

Excellent durability and slip resistance

Reduces fatigue

Warm – insulates the industrial floor

Choice of 10 colours


Check out our install and application gallery to see how the R-Tile looks and performs in different gym settings.

The perfect flooring solution for any gym

Customers use R-Tek gym floorings for the likes of:

Exercise Studios – Group sessions in small areas can often lead to quick moisture build-up on floors. The likes of traditional wood and laminate can warp and bend over time. R-tile doesn’t.

Free Weight Area – We have designed a tough and incredibly durable flooring solution. The likes of our studded flooring will easily take weight without issue and help prevent dreaded rollaway for users.

Cardio Machines – While users might be cleaning down treadmills and bikes between use, the flooring around cardio machines can quickly attract dust and stickiness. Both our studded and textured dovetail gym tiles are ideal for helping you keep cardio areas clean and tidy.

Wet Areas – With many gyms providing direct access from changing areas to pools, saunas, and steam rooms, you need flooring like our chequered tiles to help improve slip resistance.

Weight & vehicle load information

Get an idea and what maximum loads each tile type can take. This can help you understand what gym machines and rack loads can sit on tiles without issue.

R-Tile Installation

Converting a space into a gym? Or turning your garage into a multi-functional space with our flooring?

Watch the video below to see the tools required to ensure the interlocking is done correctly. For more information on how to install our industrial flooring solutions, contact us now.

Gym Flooring Features

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