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Finding interlocking flooring that fits your projects perfectly

The R-Tile interlocking floor tile offers a host of advantages ranging from quick and easy install to a durable and industrial-strength flooring option. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and the research and development we have put into creating interlocking tiles that will stand the test of time.

R-Tek specialises in the creation of high-end interlocking tiles that can be used and installed in all manner of industries, from the traditional usage in the likes of garages and workshops to more modern usage models in the likes of gyms, retail & offices.

Our range has been carefully designed to adapt and work in multiple project scenarios and can hopefully help those searching for a robust and cost-effective flooring solution.

Finding interlocking flooring that fits your projects perfectly

R-Tek prides itself on the ability to offer our unique interlocking floor tiles in a wide range of colours. Some of the most popular colours available include:

  • Dark grey
  • Light grey
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Maroon
  • White
  • Beige

If there’s a specific colour or shade you want on your flooring, call for free today, and we’ll see how we can assist in developing your ideal flooring solution.

Interlocking flooring in multiple sizes

The tile sizes offered on our interlocking flooring products will depend on the specification of a project and factors such as whether tiles are placed in a high traffic area or possible chemical usage that can spill from time to time. You’ll also have to consider the tile’s finish when floor thickness is a concern.

You can find more technical information about each floor tile type here.

Product Type Size Thickness
R-Tile Industrial Textured/Studded 508x508mm 7/9mm
R-Tile Commercial Textured/Excel/Chequer/Slate 508x508mm 4/5/6/7mm

Different styles of interlocking floor tiles

We take great pride in offering a wider range of styles than our competitors. Whether that sees you ordering chequered flooring for a showroom or slate hidden join tiles for external flooring, R-Tek can help you find unique designs and looks that help create unique flooring solutions. To get an idea of these designs, please take a look at our product types.

A low maintenance flooring option

One of the primary benefits of interlocking floor tiles provides is the simplicity of installing, cleaning, and changing the product. In most cases, R-Tiles can be installed over existing hard surfaces without much in the way of prep work. Some installations may require additional works (e.g., in the likes of flooring with exposure to direct sunlight) but we’ll make that clear that your initial enquiry.

A faster flooring installation option

R-Tiles are arguably the best alternative to epoxy resin flooring. There’s no need to cure. You don’t have to worry about cracking, and work can resume as soon as interlocking tiles are installed. We like to say that our interlocking tiles can be laid in minutes and stay for years; they’re that easy to use. And with up to a 15-year warranty on your order, you’re looking at tiles that won’t let you down.

Knowing whether interlocking floor tiles are the right fit

Need to know more about R-Tiles and whether they’re the ideal flooring solution for you? Our FAQ section may have the answers to some of your questions. And if you feel there may be limitations or issues your current flooring may have and would need clarity on whether any work is needed before R-Tiles can be installed, please feel free to get in touch via the contact information at the top of this page and talk to one of our flooring experts.