What type of flooring fits your commercial property?

Want to know the type of flooring you should be using for your commercial setting? We highlight some of the factors below.

Hotel Flooring

Hotel flooring needs to offer not just practicality but style and a look that will impress guests and give them a feeling of luxury and money well spent. Whilst a lot of hotels go for ceramic this can be easily cracked and can be tough to find the correct tile and slip rating to match your design options. With high foot traffic wooden floors and carpets just wouldn’t be an option as dirt and certain types of shoe can cause marks and scratching on wooden floors.


The new age of LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) has brought in a fresh new option for retails stores such as supermarkets and smaller outlets. LVT is easily installed, maintained, and replaced if needs be. New chemical coating options make it durable for high foot traffic and also enable it to take heavy duty vehicles such as pallet trucks and large shopping trolleys.  

Industrial / Factory / Warehouse

Flooring in a tough environment can be not only a health and safety risk but a costly wrong choice. Our sales team carry out site visits on large orders such as warehouses and factories to see what grade and thickness that you will require on your project. When assessing the needs of a company’s environment aspects such as heavy vehicles and production come into the process. For example, choosing a porcelain floor when there are heavy goods vehicles such as fork lifts that can crack or drop heavy products isn’t feasible. Another example is having a carpeted production office on a factory floor, this will simply stain and wear over time.


The first thought for any gym is something that can handle heavy weights and machinery but can be easily cleaned on a daily basis and offer a long-life cycle. The majority of gyms today will base their flooring on looks which can be unwise in some situations that can cause constant repairs and a short life increasing cost. We advise that the thought process for choosing your gym floor should not be cheapest is best, pay a smaller amount for a floor that will last a short time or invest in a floor for life with minimal install and maintenance costs.

Health care

Hospital and lab flooring can lead to some very specialist flooring requirements. Such elements as ESD and anti-static flooring can come into play when specialist equipment is being used in various areas. The most common commercial flooring in health care is vinyl or LVT (Luxury vinyl tiles), vinyl not only offers quick installation and cleaning with areas easily replaced. One of the largest requirements in hospital flooring is a hygiene rating that allows these areas to meet certain cleaning standards and slip ratings. Carpet and porcelain are a thing of the past in hospitals with tiles cracking to easy and carpets carrying to much bacteria and potential parasites.


One of the most rapidly growing industries across the world is the leisure industry and when project managers or purchasing managers come to choosing their commercial floor they have a number of options to choose from. In this industry again you have your standard sports flooring such as vinyl and PVC but in meeting and high traffic areas LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) is the most popular.


Choosing the correct commercial flooring offers a number of challenges no matter the industry and this isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. We have listed a number of factors that every business or organisation should look at when deciding.

  • Health and safety
  • Slip rating
  • Traffic and vehicles
  • Sounds
  • Hygiene standards
  • Life cycle
  • Direct sunshine
  • Chemical resistance
  • Ant static areas
  • Budget
  • Comfort